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HILAKARI®n Optimal Body Roller

55,00 €

Reset to 'factory settings' on your back!

The powerful HILAKARI® Optimal Body Roller helps you to relax your back muscles on both sides of the spine, release fascial locks, improve your posture and blood and lymph circulation.

To get the best results you should first warm up your back muscles e.g. through exercise, back exercises, a warm shower or bath.

Before using, please watch the technique video on Hilakari's YouTube channel.

Satisfaction guarantee: 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Length: approx. 16 cm

Diameter: approx.10 cm

Weight: 774 g

Maximum user weight: 100 kg

Warranty: 1 year

Material: TPE top. TPE from TPE: from top to bottom; inner tube acrylic. Both materials can be recycled.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Good product

Very good addition to "classic" massage rollers. It is quite firm, you can easily work through deeper parts of the muscles.

Happy to hear!
Thank you

Verneri Pohjola
Alaselän pelastus

Soitan ammatikseni trumpettia, mikä on ergonomialtaan hyvin staattista hommaa. Liikun myös paljon, pelaan esimerkiksi futista, juoksen ja hiihdän. Alaselän rentoutukseen keikkamatkoilla tai kovan urheilusuoritukse jälkeen Hilakari Optimal Back Roller on korvaamaton apu. Helppo käyttää ja näyttää design maljakolta, joten ei tarvitse edes piilottaa käyttökertojen välillä.

Hieno kuulla. Kiitos

Henrik Grönlund

Works like a charm.

Üstün Ergenoglu
Must have if you spend your waking hours in front of a laptop

It opens spine locks like nothing else and my shoulders haven’t been so relieved in ages. Absolutely recommended.

Kasper Hirvikoski
Simple, yet powerful

I can truly recommend this back roller. It is much more stable than other similar rollers for this purpose, and therefore much easier to use at the same time. It also has been designed to really dig in deep into your muscles. With a little practise, you can open up locks and muscles in your back with ease. As someone who works mostly at a desk for the full day, taking care of your back is one of the most important things to ensure your general well-being.

Thank you Kasper