Welcome to Hilakari Shop

 Thank you for taking some of your time and getting to know me a bit better. I'm so excited I get to share with you what my business is all about. I have been a sports massage therapist for 15 years. I have also studied orthopedic osteopathy for four years. Patients that I have are from new born babies to 95 year old's so far. And of course I have been able to help my wife and three children with their achings. Like so many of us I too suffered from a tight back. This constant pain in my back eventually made me want to design a product that would help in a new more powerful way to take the control of one's well being of their back. I wanted to start a business where I could help as many people as possible in a way that is new and effective. And to do it with products that I would design with professionals. I want people to have an easy access to certain wellness products so they can take care of their achings and muscle pains at home in a more professional way. Save time and money already in 1 week. Better the quality of your life by having more elastic back and spine movement, improve blood and lymph circulation. Environment friendly: I have selected materials that can be recycled. I found service and product provides nearby so the carbon footprint would be as low as possible. This means manufacturing here in my home country Finland and getting all the raw materials I need within EU.